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Design & Build

Metsi 4 Africa provides turnkey solutions for industrial, municipal and residential applications.

Packaged Plants & Equipment

Metsi 4 Africa creates package plants that can be temporary, movable or permanent across a variety of industries.

Service & Maintenance

As part of Metsi 4 Africa turnkey solutions, we provide full maintenance & service to all our projects, installations & customers.

Who we are

Metsi 4 Africa is highly professional team of specialists in the discipline of designing portable, process and effluent water treatment plants including all aspects of flocculation, chlorination, filtration, ion exchange and hydraulic systems.

•Portable and process plants are designed and installed by this same specialist team, which includes the design of portable and process water plants, using the latest technology in hydraulic design and water chemistry.

•We offer everything from emergency water supply and conventional water treatment processes to wastewater reuse systems.

•Metsi 4 Africa has combined resources with Hydrance to work together in extending its reach into the water chemical market and expand the business.

•Our turnkey solutions are available for both small and large scale projects and range from customized packaged plants and modular units to full scale design and built projects including installation, maintenance and operations management.


We design and install different range of water purification systems as per customer requirements. Our experts are highly skilled.


Metsi 4 Africa strongly believes in after-care services which enables us to maintain existing systems for our clients. We also do annual maintenance for debit order clients and cash payment clients. In addition, we service our clients per maintenance schedule.


Our projects are managed by experienced project managers within the water sector who understands project deliverables.


We conduct assessments and provide technical advisories for both new and pre-existing projects across all sectors.

Containerized Modular Plants

Range of drinking water / waste water plants permanently installed inside a refurbished shipping container. The containers are pre-selected to ensure that clients receive an affordable unit in good order. As a standard the containers are painted white with a rubberized floor. The packaged plants have a short delivery time, are pre-assembled and transported to site or assembled on site. Package plants are used more and more to meet the water demands of rural or isolated communities.

Services for Schools & Municipalities

•Hundreds of schools across South Africa are without clean, safe drinking water due to their remote location or lack of municipal supply infrastructure.

•Drinking poor quality water can lead to illness from poisoning or infection from exposure to bacteria or other contaminants.

•Properly hydrated children study and concentrate better in class – clean drinking water leads to better students and healthy, happy children.

•Plants can be designed to produce drinking water, service water (for washing/cleaning etc) or to treat effluent. Point of use systems can be installed to provide clean and safe drinking water.

•Metsi 4 Africa recognizes the importance of clean drinking water in schools and have developed many options to ensure all children can have access to clean drinking water, no matter how remote the location.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems: From under the counter to specifically designed RO Units. RO removes dissolved solids and other impurities, resulting in high-quality drinking water. Pre-treatment Systems consisting of sand, multi-media, carbon filtration, ion-exchange softeners etc. UV Treatment – last line of defense. Ultra violet ensures 98% kill rate of bacteria.

SBR Waste Water Treatment Plants

Our SBR plants are based on the sequential batch principle which is ideally suited for small to medium applications. Being manufactured from standard tanks assembled on site, the benefit of standard off the shelf equipment is used and this enables us to construct a sturdy easy to manufacture and assemble unit which is quick to install and commission on site.

Our Outlets

  • Ermelo
  • Witbank
  • Lebowakgomo
  • Seshego
  • Kwamhlanga
  • Customized bottling
  • Filtration systems

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40 Boekenhoutskloof, Tweefontein 288

Brief Summary

Based in Pretoria, Metsi for Africa reach extends throughout Africa and we have successfully completed several turnkey projects on the continent. Metsi 4 Africa is geared to provide our full range of services to this market.

Metsi4Africa is a Level One Contributor (135% B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level) as per the Amended Codes of Good Practice – ICT Charter. BEE Scorecard available on request.


Our Products

  • Stage RO domestic system
  • Big Blue Filtration system
  • Borehole Filtration
  • Water outlets
  • Water Bottling